Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ok so maybe I'm late but all of this virtual bullying has hit close to home with me.

Whenever I was in high school I dreaded waking up in the morning to go to school.  I knew the day would just be the same as the day before where I would be constantly made fun of.  I never wore the right clothes because my parents didn't feel the need to spend $50-$100 on a pair of jeans that I'll admit I'd just ruin.  Whether I'd get paint on them or mud I was a tomboy and had hardly any respect for clothing back then, old worn in jeans and t-shirts were just enough for me but that didn't stop my spirit from being broken by the comments.  I wasn't from a rich family but my daddy sacrificed a lot for his job!  I wasn't the prettiest girl, I had the uncontrollable curly/frizzy hair, I had/have crooked teeth because braces weren't affordable and at the time I passed out at the mention of a dentist or orthodontist (I have since overcome this fear and am in the works on trying to figure out how to get invisaligns so that I can later get vaneers over my teeth if possible.)  I had a horrible unibrow (remember tomboys didn't give a shit about the girly things) and yes a had dark hair above my lip which is natural in my family because we just have really dark hair but waxing and nair work just fine now!  Yes I'm opening up and this isn't something that I would normally ever do so if you have something rude to say please just don't comment because it will make you no better than the people I went to high school with.  I had such a broken spirit in high school that I was lucky to get dates because after a while I quit using make up I always wore my hair up and instead of jeans I turned to sweats, needless to say it was horrid!  I hated walking into the school building and facing all the people male or female that ever made fun or said rude comments to my face or behind my back that I later learned about.  Still to this day whenever I see some of these people from my high school that I remember so vividly that broke me down I cringe and wish that I could curl up into a ball and just cry the pain away.  Somehow I made it through the horrible bullying and I am so thankful I did because now I can say I"m making something of my life and I have found love and waxing, Nair, Flat irons and curling irons, and cute clothes that make me feel so glamorous at times that I never think about those horrible days of high school.  I pray for all the families that have lost someone due to this bullying and I pray that others out there can find help or at least hold on because one day you will realize you are worth so much more than these people will ever realize!

~Miss Lifeguard

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sad Day!

So for the past 17 days *Yes I said 17 days* I have been with my one and only love.  He left to go back for work and all that Jazz Friday afternoon and I cry a little everyday now that he is gone its kinda sorta depressing!  I feel like these past few days literally have been better than we have ever spent together in our relationship it was just so full of love and excitement!  My darling made me the happiest girl ever we played in a few poker tournaments, went to a Georgia game *Hairy Dawg Loves ME!* helped me through schoolwork and had a couple super special dinner dates! My love makes me so happy and I miss him so dearly but hopefully in less than a month we will see each other again and I can't wait to cherish that time together just as I did these past 17 days!  I got to take a few pictures and experiment with our camera some more in some gorgeous scenery that I will leave you with so enjoy!