Friday, October 22, 2010

Milspose Round-Up

Ya'll head on over to Me and My SoldierMan and link up to participate in the Milspouse Roundup to meet some more Milspouses! Lets hope this is the beginning of my weekly post lets just pray I can post on more than a once a week basis. I need some inspiration ladies so anyone have any ideas?

~Miss Lifeguard!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fashion in my mind...

Ok so I was a tomboy all through school and then I was set free in my Aunt's very feminine hands and let me tell you those ladies can shop! They planted a seed within me for fashion and make up and most of all shoes and purses. One major problem though that I have found, people in my area find the things I love insane. We are supposed to wear neutral things or either very southern Gone With The Wind and pearls. Don't get me wrong I love my heritage but I would rather dress Hollywood glam any day but I get the strangest looks if I do that in my area. So ladies my question to you is how do I accomplish my look without possibly drawing so much attention to me because frankly I am tired of the jeans and t-shirt look everyday to fit in I want to be able to draw out the beauties in my wardrobe without looking so completely out of place. Any suggestions? Plus I have a weekend trip coming up that I have no clue what to wear HELP! Enough venting for now tomorrow will be a better post with some beautiful pictures and some awesome quotes I must get back to blogging soon because I have so much to say but I feel like no time! Schedule making to commence once I post this blog!

~Miss Lifeguard

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Giving this a try... Again!

So what's been going on lately?

I have been going to school with a full load its exhausting... and frankly uninteresting...

I painted my nails gunmetal and I'm sorta loving it but its not the color I'm feeling right now and I can't find that either...

Tomorrow I will probably post a picture...

Next I am drooling and I mean I need a bib drooling over a pair of Calvin Klein Over The Knee Boots...
Let me know what ya'll think!

Plus I am considering selling my laptop to purchase a MacBook what does everyone think?

Ok so now its bedtime but more interesting things in the future and some awesome pictures!

I worked a golf tournament Friday that was supposed to be sexy beer cart girl that turned into bundled up ber cart girl but we made some great money for a great cause so I am happy!

~Miss Lifeguard!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm Back!

Sorry for my long leave of absence but school has gotten so crazy hectic but I am back after a wonderful refreshing Fall Break at the beach and pictures will to be following tomorrow! 

So ladies what has been going on during my time away?

Can't wait to reconnect with everyone!

~Miss Lifeguard!