Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Exciting turn of events!

Ok so I haven't blogged in a bit because I was doing a giveaway and I've had only one person enter... talk about devastating so for now I will extend it another week and pray that people enter because if not I can't do the giveaway :( So go here for that information! (will be edited by the end of the night to include new date!)

So for my next bit of information... I'm not sure how everyone will handle this so I'm just gonna be honest and follow up with a back story afterwards!

So drum roll please!!!!!!

I will be spending July 1st & 2nd on a beautiful golf course as one of Playboy's Girls of Golf...

Anyone that really know me know that I have always been very self conscious until probably the past two or three years but even then I am still uncomfortable at times because the flaws I see I really can't stand! So I saw the flyer for this tournament whenever we were at another golf tournament at the resort(which is amazingly beautiful as well!) and Mister Guardian was like why not submit photos and try... Sending me into a spiraling nervous wreck! But yes with encouragement from him, my mother, and great friends and twitter loves I submitted the entry was asked for 6 more and submitted those as well and got a congratulations e-mail this morning while I was at work!!! I wanted to scream so loud and jump up and down but obviously couldn't because... well you know... No one other than J my mom and friends knew I was even applying because I was so afraid of rejection... Now I have to tell other people and I know whatever they feel shouldn't matter but I think my worry all stems back from whenever I was in high school and so many people told me I was ugly.  This in some way shows me that I am not, and no I'm not saying everyone should try for any Playboy thing to prove that they aren't ugly I'm just saying that it was what worked for me. No I may not be the most gorgeous woman in the world but I certainly am not as hideous as all those people in high school made me feel and I am so glad to have support of great people to help show me that me living under all these feelings of ugliness should no longer have to continue!

Be expecting another post later tonight and please enter my giveaway it is for my great friend Kori at Blonde Episodes for the release of her first novel and I am praying that y'all won't let me down!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Exciting giveaway!!!

So if you know me you know I love to read (& if you didn't, well I just told you!) Perfect example for my birthday I got my beloved Kindle! Which led to me reading a new book that was first released as an ebook and now in the paperback version!!! But you my dear readers and lovers of book get the chance to win a paperback copy of one of my new top reads!!! Introducing Kori at Blonde Episodes (if you don't already follow her you should!) She just released her first book called "Murder on the Boulevard" and let me tell you I was hooked instantly! This book takes you back to Old Hollywood and is simply wonderful! And  when reading this book you can tell just how much time and effort went into illustrating every detail, which I really love! Obviously I'm horrible at writing (I mean probably tons of punctuation errors in this post alone!) but I have so much respect for those that can write such enticing books that take me away from my normal daily routine and let me escape into a far more adventurous life! So now are you wondering what you must do to win this amazingly illustrated cutest cover ever book?!?!?! Well keep reading to find out!!!

First thing this giveaway will end at midnight (12am) on June 24 {edited} and I will select a winner on June 15th! Now you are wondering what to do to win?!!? Simple!

1. Follow Kori's Blog at Blonde Episodes
2. Follow my blog (leave your e-mail so I have a way of contacting you if you fail to do so I will not be able to notify you)
3. Be a fan of Kori's author page on facebook!

Would you like extra entries? Ok here they are:
1. Follow Kori on twitter
2. Follow me on twitter
3. Tweet about it with #murderontheboulevard as the hashtag and mention us both
4. Blog about it (leave me the link to your blog) (3 extra entries)

Ok so for the mandatory section leave one comment and also a way that I can verify and an e-mail address for the extra entries leave a separate comment for each entry! Good luck to everyone and this is a US giveaway only sadly! Winner will be chosen through! Can't wait for one lucky winner to enjoy this as much as I have!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Target Tuesday Plus Puppy!

So today is Tuesday and that means that it is Target Tuesday time!!! I always get excited on this day and today I have even more reason to be excited! If you follow me on twitter you know that Mister Guardian and I have added a new addition to our family (even though we aren't married I hope the man above approves of me saying family!) We adopted a precious little black lab (possible mix but not sure with what) puppy!  Someone left them at the animal shelter one night and there were six and we were fortunate enough to be able to adopt one precious baby! So I would like to introduce to you baby Bella!

She is certainly a bundle of love and teething puppy so sometimes her lovin hurts!  I just can't believe how in love with her I already am and I can't wait to document her as she grows up! Should I start a blog just for her?  Ok so now to Target Tuesday what everyone has been looking for! And I do think most of the things I find will be puppy items! Don't worry I will be back to normal soon!

Go link up with Tara over at Fabulous but Evil if you want to be involved and trust me you want to be involved!

First thing I'm loving is this puppy bed but I do think I might can DIY it a little less than the cost at Target but I'm so happy they brought me the inspiration!

And I may even add a drawer to the bottom so that I have storage for blankets or towels that will belong to Bella girl all on her own (ok maybe I"m already spoiling the precious baby!)

Oh my goodness I'm so in love with this but I do have a funny story about this for you! So we have Bella to metal feeding bowls and while she was at work with Mister Guardian yesterday playing with her new friend Maggie (one of his coworkers dog) she so badly wanted to just chew on Magpie's bowl! (nickname we give Maggie! I may also refer to her as Lawn Mower!) I just think this would be the cutest thing to feed my baby girl not to mention adorable to add to the house!

Next I hear these chew toys are simply amazing for a pup and you can throw them in the freezer and they stay cool for a while so it's possible that these may quickly find their way in to my home! I need them before Bella girl finds my shoes again or that bookmark I had, it was a list of videos to do for youtube since I know longer have it I'm opening the floor for suggestions of what all of you would like to see!

Obviously by the title of my blog you can tell I love playing in some water! (Ocean is the best choice but I can deal with a lake or even a very very clean snake free pond!) So of course we are going to want to take Bella girl with us! So I think this is just adorable, would it probably work well, I doubt it, but look adorable, I think yes!  

Ok but seriously that was just a toy! But isn't it just so cute? And what lifeguard would not want that for their puppy?

Ok so kinda getting back to normal Miss Lifeguard style! I have been eyeing one of these at Ulta so depending on where I get to first I am in need of one of these babies to help me with a new foundation I'm trying, the one I got down from $9 to just $3.69 at Walgreens! Yeah I'm that couponing ridiculously young girl that people get annoyed with but I'd rather save that money for other things wouldn't you?

This version is a little more pointed than the Ulta version  but like I said whichever I get to first will be the winner!

Ok for now that is all but keep checking back and link up every Tuesday or you'll be missing out on discovering some awesome super stylish blogs! 

Now back to working on this header! Of course when I thought I had it like I wanted it blogger went down (boo hiss!) So now Miss Indecisive (should be my blog title) over here decided to alter it but I am determined to be finished with it today! Plus I gotta finish getting settled here because I have no clue where the clothes I want to wear are so I've been living it up in sweats!

Alright y'all float on, 
Miss Lifeguard!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Target Tuesday.... Because I Need Virtual Window Shopping!

So of course it is Target Tuesday again and since I'm so far away from Target and not sure when I will be getting back I am virtual window shopping so I know what to look for next time I'm in store! Eeeeekkkkk my wallet may just hate me! So run over to Tara's blog at Fabulous But Evil and I promise you won't be disappointed! Plus this week only if you link up as well as enter her giveaway your link up gives you THREE that is right I said 3 EXTRA entries!!! So what are you waiting for?!?!?!

So I'm about to get started with my random mixed up categories of current Target loves!!!

CALYPSO St. Barth for Target Wrap Bracelet With Chain - Coral

Can you say yes please!!!! I'm loving wrap bracelets for Spring/Summer and I think this one has just enough color to add to any basic summer outfit! So throw on your basic white shirt and khaki's or jean shorts, my favorite Target sandals and this wrap bracelet and you look so polished and put together! I hope you all love this piece as much as I do and I hope to be able to find one next time I'm in store!

Ok I also love this bracelet in multiple colors so why not show them all! I mean why give you the link whenever I can just show you the pics with the link so you can window shop from my blog!

Ok so I must admit I am in love with the CALYPSO St. Barth for Target collection! And as we all know I love Turquoise Blue... and unique things! So of course I would love the elephant tea pot!

Sadly this is out of stock and I may cry before it is over with! 

And of course once we get our new couch I could see a few of these pillows looking very good on it! Not saying we are getting the couch now but I could always save these for whenever we do!

Ok so for now that is all... but it is enough for me to be almost begging for a trip to Target soon! I hope you all enjoy this post and I also hope that you have all visited Kori over at Blonde Episodes as well as bought her book Murder on the Boulevard currently as an ebook with the paperback coming soon! I can't tear myself away from this book except for whenever I was driving during the roadtrip and trying to get settled but I have a feeling the next few days will be solely devoted to finishing this awesome book as well as filming for youtube and working on my blog! Almost have it all finished and can't wait to show all of you all my hard work! 

Can't wait to blog again soon!

Floating on waves of happiness,
Miss Lifeguard

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fashion Friday... Princess style and not Kate!!!

So of course a classic beauty and one that for years to come will be considered one of the most gorgeous actresses to become a princess well to me at least is Grace Kelly!  I mean who couldn't think that but also has anyone seen the comparisons of Kate Middleton's dress to Princess Grace???? If not you should but in my mind that was the best person to style a modern dress after and falls under Kate's style! Her acting career may have only lasted six years until she took the title of Princess of Monaco but her grace and glamour lasted far longer! So I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pictures of Princess Grace in some of her greatest moments.

I wish she were still around to teach me how to make riding a bike look that elegant and graceful!

And finally Hello Gorgeous! It could be possible that I'm thinking of going for this style this summer? Would that be so bad?

So currently I'm probably walking across the stage in cap and gown recieving my diploma (side note I've already recieved my diploma so I can't say what exactly I am recieving at this moment!) But I am grinning ear to ear with an accomplished feeling that at times I wasn't sure it would ever happen for me! So I hope you are all enjoying this post as much as I am enjoying my moment in bliss that I am having right now!

Also for those of you bookworms like me!!! (Yes my mom tweetd earlier that I was a nerd or something along those lines!) You will enjoy the book that Kori from Blonde Episodes is releasing today! So celebrate with us on the release of her first novel! The cover work looks just so amazing and as soon as I can this bad boy will be on my kindle!  Also link up with her for Fashion Friday I promise you won't be disappointed and there are so many other blogs to discover through this great link up!

Monday and Tuesday and probably most of the next few weeks I will be working on changing this blog around since finals are over and I have the summer to work on it! I will take on the task of teaching myself lots about graphic design and blog designs and layouts! I have some great things that I would like to have on my blog to allow all my wonderful followers the ability to learn about companies and products that I absolutely adore! So if my blog seems to go a little haywire over the next few weeks just bare with me because I promise if the end result is anything like I imagine then you will all enjoy it!

Ok y'all I'm about to go surfing on some very sweet dreams!!!
Miss Lifeguard!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wonderful Whimsical Wednesday!!!

Ok so first I want to start with a TAG I'm filming for youtube that will be up later and just type out the questions and answers for your viewing pleasure... (really its for those people that can't stand my voice/accent!)

So this Tag is from forever ago but it's ok with me so I hope you enjoy, and no I wasn't tagged but that's ok with me to so if you want to do it join in.  I'm doing this before jumping into what my channel will really be about which is a fashion/beauty but I wanted people to have the chance to get to know me first!

Ok so lets begin with this 20 question tag!
1. What can you not leave the house without?
A. I cannot leave without my purse but if I must it would be my wallet and phone!
2. What is your favorite brand of makeup?
A. Currently I am loving Urban Decay but I never have a definite favorite it always changes!
3. What's your favorite flower?
A. Flowers die but I do love Gerber Daisy's
4. What's your favorite clothing store?
A. hmmmm... I like whatever is comfortable so nothing really... I like lots of stores but no favorite!
5. What is your favorite perfume?
A. Currently it is Michael Kors Very Hollywood
6. Heels or flats?
A. Ok so I have an issue with my back that make heels not very good for me but I love them!!!
7. Do you make good grades?
A. Yes I do... but so ready to be finished with college!
8. What are your favorite colors?
A. Ok I love purple, hot pink, turquoise, and green!
9. Do you drink energy drinks?
A. yucky, gross, disgusting, no I don't!!!
10. Do you like juice?
A. I love orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, and like a kid which I am truly at heart I love Sunny D!
11. Do you like swimming?
A. I was/still am a lifeguard and I love love love to swim! My favorite place to swim is the ocean because the challenge of the waves! Also being at peace with nature is awesome too!
12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
A. No I do not but I do only eat certain fries!
13. What is your favorite moisturizer?
A. Currently I am loving the Aveeno Active Naturals or whatever it is Daily Mosturizer for my body and Clinique for my face!
14. Do you want to get married?
A. Nope I just want to wear an engagement ring from an amazing man and spend the rest of my life with him! Yes I want to get married silly people!
15. Do you get mad easy?
Mad possibly but I tend to jump more to angry if it is something serious! I see a lot of red!
16. Are you into ghost hunting?
A. Ok so funny story time... that's right sit down with a snack and rest those puppies! I went on a hearse ride ghost tour... needless to say I'm not sure about ghost but the tour guide was hilarious... we ran a red light in front of the police department, and there is no chance in a baby falling from a giraffe's ass that he was going into one house! True story and he also informed us that it is a 6' fall, coincidence that the ghost is 6' under?!?!?!
17. Do you have any phobias?
A. Being bitten by a spider and sinking in a boat... funny that J works/lives on and around boats 24/7! And one phobia I had was a snake constricting on me... then I had to teach a herpetology class whenever I was a camp counselor.. if you remain calm they do begin to loosen up, mine was just preparing to shed but was showing no signs, I still love him very much! He was my very best friend he would sit in my lap or around my arm or neck and watch tv with me!
18. Do you bite your nails?
A. I do whenever I am nervous or anxious... but if my nails are painted then I don't bite them! (Note to self paint nails before Friday morning!)
19. Had any near death experiences?
A. I was once in a really bad car wreck!
20. Do you like coffee?
A. I like flavored coffee my favorites are Caramel Fraps and White Chocolate Mocha Fraps!

Ok so I hope through this process you will know a little bit more about me and now I'd seriously like to know what y'all want to know or would like to see!

I do have my header drawn up if you see my Twitter then you know that now I have my header drawn out but I'm not showing it yet... don't want anyone stealing my idea! But now I am working on the background for my blog as well! I just now must figure out how in the world to make these drawings a reality on a very slim budget for now! One day I hope my blog and youtube are more popular and I can afford to put more towards it but for now I must stick to the realistic world and keep it either free or very low price until it does hit it big (dreaming big there!)

Now to the whimsical side of things, now that finals are over I want to go here...

And possibly drinking something like this....

Yes that is all I want!!! Oh tropical island please take me away!

Now off to float on dreamy waves!
Miss Lifeguard

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Target Tuesday... Graduation/summer Edition!

Well with my college Part 1 graduation as I call it just a few short days away I've been looking at some beauties I wouldn't mind receiving... *hint**hint* for anyone close to me that may read this... So go link up with Tara over at fabulous but evil and let us know what your favorite Target finds of the week are!

So here is what I've been daydreaming about, in between finals of course!

Loving this CALYPSO St. Barth for Target Hand-Crochet Dress in White and at $69.99 this would either be a splurge for summer or one of those dresses that I wait for my beloved clearance price! (Which reminds me would y'all like to see what I've gotten from Target lately? And yes it was all on clearance!)

I won't lie this adorable Embroidered Ruffle Dress could soon make it in my closet and pair it with a tan or light brown braided belt as well as a pair of my new shoes I received in my Easter Basket (& yes they were from Target) I would love this for a casual summer night out dinner with my love... oysters anyone?

Ok so for those that are close to me you know how much of a shoe fanatic I am... yes maybe I should downsize my collection but who is really counting right? So dive into my newest (slight giddy scream) obsession!

Ummmm Hellerrrrrrr Yes!!! I can see me pairing these beauties with either Jean shorts or khaki shorts and a simple yet classy white tee for the perfect summer outfit! (In my white tee... whatttt that song is so old but it came to mind during that sentence!) Plus I've been loving me some wedges since my back and I aren't best friends for the past year these heels make it feel like I'm in flats.. oh how happy my back was to find out that they are back in style! Please people can we keep them in style I'm begging you!!!

So I hope that you have liked this weeks pics for Target Tuesday and what are you waiting for go link up!!!!

Until Next Time,
Miss Lifeguard!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Extreme couponing.. well not that far yet!

Ok so I am pretty sure that everyone has seen or heard of the show Extreme Couponing on TLC. I saw it back in December when I guess the Pilot Episode and thought it was cool! Now there is no way that I think I will ever stockpile like that or have the ability to create such a large stockpile but maybe 3 months supply I could handle especially during a PCS move! I mean what person wouldn't want to have a stockpile to pull from while settling instead of making multiple trips to a grocery store? Anyways so while checking through sales papers this morning and e-mails I get on the new deals of the week I was able to score Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse for just under $4.00!!! Talk about someone that is super happy to be able to try a product that otherwise I wouldn't purchase! Walgreen's currently has Maybelline products for 40% off and I also had a coupon for $2.00 off on top of that so I figured why not try it out and see how I feel about it! I'm also looking at getting the FitMe foundation as well! I am in need of a fuller coverage for those times of the month that my breakouts become very uncontrollable so we shall see which I like better and I will do a possible blog review and youtube review of these products so be on the lookout for those within the next 2 weeks. In other news graduation is in less than a week! Friday I will be walking through my graduation and even though it is only for my Associate's Degree I'm happier than ever because I never thought I would make it to this step! Now I am going through a phase whenever you reach that fork in the road and you try to decide what to do for your Bachelor's degree. I've been sending up lots of prayers and now I must open my eyes and ears and receive whatever the Lord sends my way and follow his direction. I have several interests I just don't know how to decide which one I am best suited for so I will follow whichever direction His path takes me. Since starting my youtube officially last night with my first video, and I do hope that it becomes more of a fashion/beauty channel and depending on how things go I may create a channel just for personal vlogs and such I'd like to see what my followers or anyone really would like to see! I hope this is a great beginning to a much needed change and a creative outlet for me! Also does anyone have any great tips or info on working on changing and making my blog background/header more personal? I have a design drawn out but not sure how to make it a reality! Don't you just hate when that happens?!?!? Also on Friday be on the lookout for the release of Kori from Blonde Episodes first novel! I couldn't imagine the time and dedication that it takes to get through this process and to this amazing step! And for those of you that know I'm such a huge bookworm that for my birthday I got a Kindle! For this book though I must get the real deal so that means no E-book for me this week! I can't wait to buy this book as my graduation gift and dive head first into this read! If you haven't looked at her blog I suggest you do I love her posts especially Pink & Green Thursdays as well as her link up for Fashion Friday which I try to take part of as often as possible, and I believe this summer will occur a lot more because I want to invest much more time into making this blog enjoyable for my great followers as well as anyone traveling through! So until tomorrow... yes I said tomorrow,

Just keep swimming,
Miss Lifeguard!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

YouTube... Yes I went there!!!

Ok y'all I posted a video on youtube and hope you all like it! It is my form of my youtube icebreaker I've been talking about joining the youtube community for a while and I have finally done it... So I hope you enjoy and whether you do or not let me know your thoughts and opinions, criticisms and encouraging words! Hopefully everyone will enjoy what is to come in the future!

Until next time,
Miss Lifeguard!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fashion... Oooohhhh Myyyy!!!

 First off go over and visit Kori at Blonde Episodes and link up in this amazing link and meet new bloggers with such great fashion taste! Also read more into her blog because she has her first novel coming out next week and I simply can't wait to read it!!!

So of course I know just like me everyone... ok maybe not everyone... has fallen in love with Kate's beautiful Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton gown! I thought I'd found my dream gown long ago but I love the look and feel of this delicate lace but doubt I will copycat her style! So by now I have you thinking that I am doing a fashion friday post on Kate Middleton as she was formerly known... well I think I'm going to change it up on all of you and go for someone probably completely unexpected... Rachel Zoe!!! Something crazy vintage about her just catches my eye... (my choices for today were between her, Reese Witherspoon, and Tori Spelling...) crazy interests here lately that I have! So sit back, enjoy the ride, and as well prepare for a rollercoaster of changes coming to my blog within the next few weeks to make this a more appealing blog as well as hopefully inspire more of my creative side!

First up from Mrs. Zoe herself....

I'm sorry but can I say yes yes yes I want this closet... or just a small little peek! I just love her style, well everything except the white top hat but everything else... Yes Please!

Ok love the jacket, hate the boots, love all the clothing and shoes to choose from!!! If I'm correct I believe that this is a Chanel jacket and looks amazing on her, and HELLO can someone serve me up some of those ever so glam beachy locks... I doubt I could cut it as a blonde but today was a great day to be a brunette if your name is Kate!

And now since I can no longer find the pictures that I really wanted to show you {insert sad face here} I will leave you with a link to her book so you yourself can follow her style tips and tweak them to make you your very own fashionista!

So run over check it out and ladies (and gentlemen) let me know what you think!!!

While your at it check out my favorite makeup brushes! 

Visit me again soon and be prepared for changes!!!

Miss Lifeguard!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hope Dworaczyk Fashion Friday...

Many of you may have heard of this lady as being Playmate of the Year 2010 and the first 3D Playmate but seriously have you checked her style and her amazing shoots? I love how ambitious and driven Hope is and also how down to Earth she seems! I have my reason to believe not just what I have seen through TV and her twitter but I won't reveal this as of now! She is a role model to me in career and fashion! It's so cute one interview talked about how she asked her grandmother before posing for Playboy and her grandmother said that if she could go back and had the body and the chance she would do it also! How many grandmothers do you know that are that supportive? Hope hosts Inside Fashion based out of Toronto Canada that is broadcast through E! Entertainment Television. She has so many contacts from top fashion photographers to amazing designers and to see her working at fashion weeks and the interviews are amazing! Anyways I love Hope's simple style and she always looks so put together and amazing! One of my favorites is a company she models for called Tee's By Tina, this clothing will be featured at the bottom of this post with more info but check them out they are really cool and so many amazing colors I always have a hard time choosing! (Currently I have a wishlist in which I'm not sure what to purchase first!) So I hope you enjoy the following pictures and why I love them so and her amazing style!

Ok tell me this isn't freakin awesome! Always wanted biker clothes and had no reason to wear it but she does!

Ok now I have a mission for all of you! Go check out! I promise you won't be disappointed!

The following is from their website so if your interested check them out!

Tees by Tina is a one-size-fits-most seamless apparel collection featuring wardrobe essentials for any outfit and every woman. Our versatile tops stay perfectly in place and are stunning standalones or lightweight enough for layering, while our sleek leggings keep you looking long and lean. Every style is ultra-comfortable…and our amazing array of colors are spot on trend.   Unsure if our sizing system works for you? Trying is believing!

I am in no way paid to sponsor this company I just believe in the product and would like to pass on information that I believe others would as well find interesting or helpful!

Until next time keep swimming on glitter dreams,
Miss Lifeguard!  

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Friday! Go Link Up!!!

Ok so I'm in love with the idea of a Fashion Friday link up aren't you? Too freakin cool and you get to see what others like and go virtual shopping!

So quick quiz question for you: Which American designer had the original name of Karl Anderson Jr?
I'll give you a hint I'm simply in love with his watches first and foremost and just recently was able to purchase one. I also love his bags as well as his clothing line and ready-to-wear sportswear always draws me in! Another hint, he is a judge alongside Heidi Klum. Ok Ok Ok I get it you must have figured it out by now so it will be no surprise that the designer I will be covering is Michael David Kors!

Ah yes it love for this designer... maybe to the point of obsession but its ok right because its fashion and I am especially loving the bags of his tha I saw at my other love (a.k.a. TJMaxx) They are so summer colors and love love love anything that makes me feel like I'm living at the beach again! Ok so I'm going to give you all some pictures to drool over (ok maybe not everyone loves him as much as I do) or just look at these pretties and see the love I have for his designs!

Ok so first off this is my watch that I was finally able to add to my collection and I'm in love with it... seriously don't judge me! I'll post my pic in a later post but until then this is one off the internet. (Sad day)


Ok yes I have a lot of watch loves by him so I'll post a few more here:


I saw this on Polish & Pearls blog and just thought it looked so good! Something I'd wear out on a night with the girls or maybe my next poker tournament! Ok so funny story I have a watch that has this huge face totoally blonged out. I wore it to a poker tournament and for some reason it continuously distracted all the guys at the table so it was awesome but I bet this would be more of a shocker to them! Go check out Polish & Pearls blog

Ok Ok Ok I've never been much of a gold girl (except the bracelet I bought above!) But I must say rose gold is something that I can see me wearing for a while and as much of a fashion crime I hear it is at times (I live in a tiny tiny town that people would rather wear camo than really dress up) that you can't mix white gold and yellow or rose gold but I think this watch might work just fine into being able to be mixed! I think I could do it and love love love it!

Ok I must pull myself away from the watches now what about shoes and handbags?!?!?!


And of course his perfume that I love... I mean I love this I catch myself sniffing my wrist whenever I wear it!!!


Not to mention the coolest ad for it... Just love the theme and the bottles are gorgeous!


Ok and now I will leave you with some images that just have me dreaming and drooling!!!

This picture is from the 2010 ad campaign and it just makes me wish I were in some chic beach town shopping before going to sip drinks at some nice beach front restaurant with either my love or my best girls!

And what girl doesn't want to look amazing on a yacht?!?! Can I have one order of her legs please?!?!?


Ok ladies (and gentlemen) I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it and I hope that you will all go link up with Kori over at Blonde Episodes! I won't lie her post has me super dreamy especially this gorgeous white dress that I think I must find a way to get! And I want to visit every Tory Burch store now just for the decor and to see how they are decorated! I hope you will all join in and enjoy and check out some new blogs I know I will be!

Riding the waves of fashion dreams,
Miss Lifeguard

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday... Miss Lifeguard Style!!! (It's All Makeup!!)

Ok so I'm in love with makeup and for years I wanted to do makeup but kinda had a suppressed creative side that I now regret not pursuing more. But hey I'm still young so it's a possibility so I want to share some items I'd love to add to my collection and of course possibly use in the future for some of my super glam friends! Leave me feedback on what you think and if in the future (once I get these dream items) you'd like to see a review?!?!? Ok so lets get started ladies (and gentleman are welcome as well!)!

As you all know I love me some Sigma Brushes so I want a beautiful Professional Brush Kit so that I can use in the future whether for myself or my friends I think it's a great edition... this may not help my not wanting to clean things the more brushes the less often I clean them?!?!?! Let hope not... So take a look at these beauties!!!

Next I'm so in love with finding a bronzer that doesn't make me look... well bad, oompa loompa, yuck, or like orange gerber daisies... but I have a hard time finding that since I am so fair skinned... that is until midway through summer after several applications of sunscreen rest assured!!! So I'm going crazy to try NARS Laguna Bronzer because everything that I read says it is simple AMAZEBALLS!!!
Check it out here since I can't get the picture up sadly :(

Ok here is where I run into a total issue of WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!

I'm in love with MAC products and have been for a while... mostly there eyeshadows should I say and I can't decide between the 4 palette or the 15 so I can add shadows as I go... advice please?!?!?! I'm loving the colors All That Glitters and Phloof(fyi that was used on Bella in Twilight movies... its meant to be!!!), I have several more that I'm really loving and waiting on their summer collection ( I think it will be 100% LOVE but maybe I shouldn't say that because I'm not loving the Spring Collection!) So does anyone have good words of wisdom for me?!?!?!

Next yes this will apply to beauty and randomness but I'm going to start filming for youtube! It is being jumpstarted byt a video for the Elle & Blair Contest and if you haven't seen these girls you should look them up under youtube names:
Elle: AllThatGlitters21
Blair: JuicyStar007

These girls are really good and Elle has the cutest White deaf kitten I've ever seen!!! So as soon as its up and running I will post a link so you can all check it out! But until then I'll leave you with some glitter love that has me in dreamland!!!

Ok Ok Ok... I had to add in the gorgeous shoes.... almost like my Steve Madden's except this is a solitary color of glitter... but still its love!!!

Floating on waves of dreams... and glitter!
Miss Lifeguard!