Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Giveaways, Awards, and Surprises... Oh My!!

Ok so over at thats why her hair is so big she is having a cool giveaway so you should go check it out at...


Probably doesn't hurt that I love what she has to offer but she has a SUPER COOL blog!!!
I'm still figuring this out and seeing all these cool blogs has my mind working to come up with a cute title and just a cute blog in general... any ideas all you creative ladies...

I can see what I want but its just making it happen is the problem...
Next I won The Versatile Blogger Award last week from Jesse and Marissa @ Living the Life of an Infantryman's Wife
so its time for me to pass it on...

There are some rules to this award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Share seven things about you
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs
4. Let your nominees know about the award!

So Seven things about me starting Now and GO...

1. I'm a horrible cook except I make a pretty awesome spaghetti and Chicken Enchiladas from Scratch!!!!
2. I love photography and am trying to improve I hope to take some classes in the fall!
3. I love to run and bike but I can't do it myself or I get bored really really quick.
4. I have to make to do lists or things will never get done.

5. I love love love to travel and learn the culture its just an amazing world out there!
6. Sweet Home Alabama is my absolute favorite movie and I can quote all the lines no lie just watch it with me and mute the tv and you've got free entertainment!
7. Facebook keeps me connected with my friends from all over I just wish I could see them more than we talk!
Now to pass this on to 15 newly discovered blogs... so many to choose from!!!
1. Poodelism
2. The Undomestic Momma
3. Southern Hospitality
4. Sunshine and Sprinkles
5. Sandy Boots and Sparkling Stilettos
6. Life as a Sailor's Girl
7. ACU's, Stiletto Shoes, and Pretty Pink Tutus
8. Harmony and Home
9. The Life of a Marine Fiance
10. Amanda + Don
11. A Yummy Mummy on a Pink Park Bench
12. lee la la
13. Life of Meg
14. Make Me A Blessing
15. thats why her hair is so big

Next I know this may sound very very silly but my AMAZING fiance surprised me last night with a foodsaver vacuum sealer just talk about how silly undomesticated I am but I just love this...

You wonder how all this came about I am sure why would we just randomly get one well here is the story...
We found this meet market with fresh me that is leaner about 10-15 minutes outside of town if that (just depending on traffic) and we were going to get some meat for burgers and they package ground beef in 9-10 lbs. bags and higher up... well compared to Wal-Mart across the street for 1lb. you pay $3 and change so this is definitely a deal because we payed $25 for 10lbs. I couldn't complain and the man told us to save money so they don't break it down smaller to buy a vacuum sealer... So of course J and I did some research online last night then he left and came back with a better one than I thought he was going to get but I can't complain it is amazing... Plus in the deal I got a Paula Dean red cute scale so I love it too... But here is an image of the sealer we got that I already cut bags and packaged meat and am totally in love with!!!

Mine is the one in the back its a larger model than I thought but once we buy the canisters and the marinating canister so this helps with marinating which of course I'll love because I love to marinate and I love whenever J grills for me so ya'll will have to let me know if ya'll have one and how they work for you!

Well now I am off to clean this apartment and get ready for a yummy dinner with J...

He started in a new section today and we were both very very excited...

I hate saying this and maybe I'm saying it because I need advice on how to encourage him and help him keep his head up because these men should be like a team and they certainly fall short of that. There is a huge lack of encouraging and they are just rude and mean sorta like catty girls... I just wish I knew how to help him but this other section seems like such nicer guys and that they will be so much better for him so everyone keep us in your prayers as we get used to this adjustment and J has a better support system through these new members of his new team!

Thanks ya'll!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Top Two Tuesday and Mingle Monday all in one!!!

Ok so the Top 2 things I'd take to a deserted island...
1. Monopoly!!!
I absolutely LOVE this game I remember being younger and my friend and I played a continuous game that lasted 3 days... NO joke my parents wondered how we didn't get bored... only taking breaks to eat sleep and potty...

2. Dear John (the book)
I could read this book over and over again so I'd never get bored and I love reading on the beach but then again who doesn't???

Also today I participated in Monday Mingle and it is the first time that I have done that and it is AWESOME so you all should head on over and participate!!! It's an awesome way to meet new people so check it out!!!!


The award will be posted at the end of the day because I am working on an awesome blog but it also has a lot of questions in it... Oh ladies I could certainly use some advice... It just makes me want to cry but we will get to that later tonight.

Ok I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blog Makeover Giveaway You Must Check It Out!

Go check out this link. I've seen some of her work and she is simply amazing!!!

I want a new blog makeover because I am new to this whole blog and love looking at all the unique blogs and would love to be able to find the way to express my uniqueness... plus I am trying to find a new name for my blog any suggestions???

If you do go enter for this and have discovered it through my site please comment that you found it through my site but you have to admit who wouldn't want to win something as cute as a new background!

Anyways I am off to bed but I will update tomorrow as well as post my award... its so hard with so many amazing blogs out there...

This may also be the best time to post a disclaimer that I am horrible with my grammar and punctuation so please bear with me!!!

Thanks ya'll


Long Long Weekend!

Ok everyone I haven't forgotten about this I know I haven't commented everyone back yet but I will!

I went to a Blues Festival this weekend with my best Coastie friend and so it's been super long.

We were there promoting her stepdads new beer that just came out in Michigan 3 weeks ago!!!

I'm not a beer drinker but this is good and her family has always been so welcoming to me so I was thrilled to help them get their name out!

If everything takes off they'd love to start producing soda as well!!!

Ok tomorrow I will update better and comment everyone back and also pass along my award!!!

Can't wait!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Milspouse Fill-In Friday

1. How did you and your spouse/significant other meet?
We were working as camp counselors and at first hated one another. One weekend he saw me doing lifeguard drills in those oh so sexy one piece speedos and fell in love right then... Ok well maybe not right then but six months after we started dating he left for basic and a year after we started dating he flew me to Puerto Rico last minute to propose on the beach at sunset it was amazing. Now we are just trying to set a date the Coast Guard approves of!

2. What is the best thing about being a MilSpouse?
A very strong support system with warm welcomes it never gets old no matter where I go since a little girl its been great...(my dad was a military man as well!!!)

3. What is the hardest thing about being a MilSpouse?
The lack of being able to talk to him and also sometimes the distance its so hard to go back home and leave him...

4. What is your favorite dish?
My homemade Spaghetti it is simply amazing although J hates when I put green olives in which are my favorite!!!

5. If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?
The stereotypes I've learned that as I move my thick accent catches people off guard then the jokes continue no matter how long I am here. I love learning about the people and places where I visit but I just hate the barrier and constantly asked to say certain words just so they can hear me talk. Especially whenever I'm ordering dinner and that turns into a 15 minute ordeal!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fashion Under $100: Enter to Win a Chinese Laundry Tote

ok better link!!!

Fashion Under $100: Enter to Win a Chinese Laundry Tote

Amazing bag!!!

I absolutely want this bag its amazing and would really be a nice bag to have,... wish I could afford it but not yet...


Wednesday Randoms

I had to post my favorite picture of him and this was taken by freak chance I was trying to pose him but the minute I took the picture he looked down trying to keep his jeans from getting wet and the colors just jumped out at me I love this picture so much and we gave it to his parents for their Christmas gift which they loved as well!

Ok I am sitting here trying to hold in my crazy excitement.

Jonathan will be home in the next few minutes and I have the camera waiting to watch him open his anniversary gift.

I've never been this nervous/excited before but I am now.

I know that he will love it that's not the case its just the waiting game of it.

Not to mention watching Australia vs. Serbia and now Australia is pulling ahead with 2 goals in 3 minutes.

What am I really wanting in the future...

Well materialistically a better camera so that I can better hone my skills and also a flip camera just to catch the little things on tape.

I have learned that finding a cute cozy house to rent in this small town is a bit hard...

We don't want just a summer rental cottage and that seems to be all that exist

Recently this overwhelming urge to write and work on my photography skills is ripping at the seams I just want to make it soooo great!

And sometimes I still cannot believe that me and J have been together for 3 years..

I know to some this is nothing but to me it is a great accomplishment because I had a ton of fears to overcome to get where we are and I have and I'm so proud of us sticking together through it all.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craziness Begins NOW!

Ok so its been a crazy week. I had a friend leave for the next year and thats just rough knowing I can not text whenever I want to. Next Jonathan and my 3 year anniversary is next week and all I want to do is surprise him but he is being so stubborn about it not wanting a surprise and trying to figure it all out I do not know what to do to keep it under wraps. Why is it that men are allowed to surprise us but we can't surprise them? I just do not understand this and wish I could figure it out. But on a positive note Victoria Secret is having there semi-annual sale so that took my mind away from him not wanting me to surprise him. I mean its only twice a year so I can break away from buying necessities and buy the cute things just to wear around lounging which made me happy because I got a super nice pair of capri sweats that are of course lime green with black writing that Jonathan just LOVES so that made him a little happy! A new swimsuit was also added so I'm in a pretty good state because I hit all the sales but now its off to get ready to go make a trip to finish his surprise so lets see if I can accomplish this!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ok so crazy crazy times. I have been so sick so I haven't really been on the computer. I completely cleaned the apartment until it was basically spotless which makes me so happy! Also Jonathan and I got back on the bikes yesterday for the first time in about two weeks and I"ll admit it felt really good! I have to fill out his dive team application for him tonight and he is so excited about it I can't wait for him to get started I know he loves it so much! Also there is a really nice big boat coming in this weekend and I have to go get pictures for him its supposed to be a big P.R. thing and he will be teaching a safety course as well so I know he is really excited about that and I love him for it! He's almost completely qualified and I can't wait for that stage to be over with. Other than that things are still in a transition phase with everything here and still learning about people here and trying to plan fun things to do. We've found a great church just sometimes its hard to make time to make it with work and sickness but I hope it gets better soon! Well I guess I better go finish getting ready for the day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Update since I'm new and all...

So this week has been a rough and tumble week. From a friend losing her husband to a new schedule here on the home-front to surprises from home I feel like I'm in a baseball game that will never end. Memorial day I cried and cried J was in the parade and participated in the wreath laying which was amazing to me and we had a BBQ at a friends house they may all be northerners but at least they enjoy some down home peach cobbler. Then it was just a work out and chill day now he's been working sad day. This weekend we get to go out on a date night to a minor league baseball game and dinner which I'm thrilled about and the weekend will be filled with study time anywhere in between so that he can finish everything up. This summer is shaping up nicely. Sometimes I feel awkward on here because I wonder if anyone will ever read what I type or even care. I want to follow so that I can realize other people experience crazy things like we do but right now its a lull time but what about the future you know. I hope that I'm not babbling but soon I must come up with something to call the man besides J because just a random letter isn't working for me... I hope all is well in the blogging world now off to finishing chores!