Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fashion in my mind...

Ok so I was a tomboy all through school and then I was set free in my Aunt's very feminine hands and let me tell you those ladies can shop! They planted a seed within me for fashion and make up and most of all shoes and purses. One major problem though that I have found, people in my area find the things I love insane. We are supposed to wear neutral things or either very southern Gone With The Wind and pearls. Don't get me wrong I love my heritage but I would rather dress Hollywood glam any day but I get the strangest looks if I do that in my area. So ladies my question to you is how do I accomplish my look without possibly drawing so much attention to me because frankly I am tired of the jeans and t-shirt look everyday to fit in I want to be able to draw out the beauties in my wardrobe without looking so completely out of place. Any suggestions? Plus I have a weekend trip coming up that I have no clue what to wear HELP! Enough venting for now tomorrow will be a better post with some beautiful pictures and some awesome quotes I must get back to blogging soon because I have so much to say but I feel like no time! Schedule making to commence once I post this blog!

~Miss Lifeguard

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  1. Hi, my first time on your blog, and I love what I see.

    I have some advice, dress to your heart's content, and if folks wanna stare or look at you funny, let them. It will be either a stare of jealousy, or a stare of "I need to look like that" and before you know it, your dress sense will be spreading like a wild veld fire. Girls don't enjoy other girls look better than them, specially if the guys start paying attention.
    That from a man's point of view.
    \Let me know what you think.

    Have a lovely day.