Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Exciting turn of events!

Ok so I haven't blogged in a bit because I was doing a giveaway and I've had only one person enter... talk about devastating so for now I will extend it another week and pray that people enter because if not I can't do the giveaway :( So go here for that information! (will be edited by the end of the night to include new date!)

So for my next bit of information... I'm not sure how everyone will handle this so I'm just gonna be honest and follow up with a back story afterwards!

So drum roll please!!!!!!

I will be spending July 1st & 2nd on a beautiful golf course as one of Playboy's Girls of Golf...

Anyone that really know me know that I have always been very self conscious until probably the past two or three years but even then I am still uncomfortable at times because the flaws I see I really can't stand! So I saw the flyer for this tournament whenever we were at another golf tournament at the resort(which is amazingly beautiful as well!) and Mister Guardian was like why not submit photos and try... Sending me into a spiraling nervous wreck! But yes with encouragement from him, my mother, and great friends and twitter loves I submitted the entry was asked for 6 more and submitted those as well and got a congratulations e-mail this morning while I was at work!!! I wanted to scream so loud and jump up and down but obviously couldn't because... well you know... No one other than J my mom and friends knew I was even applying because I was so afraid of rejection... Now I have to tell other people and I know whatever they feel shouldn't matter but I think my worry all stems back from whenever I was in high school and so many people told me I was ugly.  This in some way shows me that I am not, and no I'm not saying everyone should try for any Playboy thing to prove that they aren't ugly I'm just saying that it was what worked for me. No I may not be the most gorgeous woman in the world but I certainly am not as hideous as all those people in high school made me feel and I am so glad to have support of great people to help show me that me living under all these feelings of ugliness should no longer have to continue!

Be expecting another post later tonight and please enter my giveaway it is for my great friend Kori at Blonde Episodes for the release of her first novel and I am praying that y'all won't let me down!


  1. Your gorgeous and beautiful and always have been-who told you different?? I'll get 'em for you!! You go girl!!!

    From: Yourothermother

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