Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fashion... Oooohhhh Myyyy!!!

 First off go over and visit Kori at Blonde Episodes and link up in this amazing link and meet new bloggers with such great fashion taste! Also read more into her blog because she has her first novel coming out next week and I simply can't wait to read it!!!

So of course I know just like me everyone... ok maybe not everyone... has fallen in love with Kate's beautiful Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton gown! I thought I'd found my dream gown long ago but I love the look and feel of this delicate lace but doubt I will copycat her style! So by now I have you thinking that I am doing a fashion friday post on Kate Middleton as she was formerly known... well I think I'm going to change it up on all of you and go for someone probably completely unexpected... Rachel Zoe!!! Something crazy vintage about her just catches my eye... (my choices for today were between her, Reese Witherspoon, and Tori Spelling...) crazy interests here lately that I have! So sit back, enjoy the ride, and as well prepare for a rollercoaster of changes coming to my blog within the next few weeks to make this a more appealing blog as well as hopefully inspire more of my creative side!

First up from Mrs. Zoe herself....

I'm sorry but can I say yes yes yes I want this closet... or just a small little peek! I just love her style, well everything except the white top hat but everything else... Yes Please!

Ok love the jacket, hate the boots, love all the clothing and shoes to choose from!!! If I'm correct I believe that this is a Chanel jacket and looks amazing on her, and HELLO can someone serve me up some of those ever so glam beachy locks... I doubt I could cut it as a blonde but today was a great day to be a brunette if your name is Kate!

And now since I can no longer find the pictures that I really wanted to show you {insert sad face here} I will leave you with a link to her book so you yourself can follow her style tips and tweak them to make you your very own fashionista!

So run over check it out and ladies (and gentlemen) let me know what you think!!!

While your at it check out my favorite makeup brushes! 

Visit me again soon and be prepared for changes!!!

Miss Lifeguard!

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  1. Oh, you have a lovely blog ;)
    Thanks for coming by and following!
    What a nice surprise!
    Happy Weekend!
    gi gi