Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Friday! Go Link Up!!!

Ok so I'm in love with the idea of a Fashion Friday link up aren't you? Too freakin cool and you get to see what others like and go virtual shopping!

So quick quiz question for you: Which American designer had the original name of Karl Anderson Jr?
I'll give you a hint I'm simply in love with his watches first and foremost and just recently was able to purchase one. I also love his bags as well as his clothing line and ready-to-wear sportswear always draws me in! Another hint, he is a judge alongside Heidi Klum. Ok Ok Ok I get it you must have figured it out by now so it will be no surprise that the designer I will be covering is Michael David Kors!

Ah yes it love for this designer... maybe to the point of obsession but its ok right because its fashion and I am especially loving the bags of his tha I saw at my other love (a.k.a. TJMaxx) They are so summer colors and love love love anything that makes me feel like I'm living at the beach again! Ok so I'm going to give you all some pictures to drool over (ok maybe not everyone loves him as much as I do) or just look at these pretties and see the love I have for his designs!

Ok so first off this is my watch that I was finally able to add to my collection and I'm in love with it... seriously don't judge me! I'll post my pic in a later post but until then this is one off the internet. (Sad day)


Ok yes I have a lot of watch loves by him so I'll post a few more here:


I saw this on Polish & Pearls blog and just thought it looked so good! Something I'd wear out on a night with the girls or maybe my next poker tournament! Ok so funny story I have a watch that has this huge face totoally blonged out. I wore it to a poker tournament and for some reason it continuously distracted all the guys at the table so it was awesome but I bet this would be more of a shocker to them! Go check out Polish & Pearls blog

Ok Ok Ok I've never been much of a gold girl (except the bracelet I bought above!) But I must say rose gold is something that I can see me wearing for a while and as much of a fashion crime I hear it is at times (I live in a tiny tiny town that people would rather wear camo than really dress up) that you can't mix white gold and yellow or rose gold but I think this watch might work just fine into being able to be mixed! I think I could do it and love love love it!

Ok I must pull myself away from the watches now what about shoes and handbags?!?!?!


And of course his perfume that I love... I mean I love this I catch myself sniffing my wrist whenever I wear it!!!


Not to mention the coolest ad for it... Just love the theme and the bottles are gorgeous!


Ok and now I will leave you with some images that just have me dreaming and drooling!!!

This picture is from the 2010 ad campaign and it just makes me wish I were in some chic beach town shopping before going to sip drinks at some nice beach front restaurant with either my love or my best girls!

And what girl doesn't want to look amazing on a yacht?!?! Can I have one order of her legs please?!?!?


Ok ladies (and gentlemen) I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it and I hope that you will all go link up with Kori over at Blonde Episodes! I won't lie her post has me super dreamy especially this gorgeous white dress that I think I must find a way to get! And I want to visit every Tory Burch store now just for the decor and to see how they are decorated! I hope you will all join in and enjoy and check out some new blogs I know I will be!

Riding the waves of fashion dreams,
Miss Lifeguard


  1. LOVE this post! And yes can I get legs like her also? :-) Have a great weekend.♥Winona

  2. Fashion Fridays = Genious! Michael Kors...That man is a legend and can do no wrong. Love your post on him!
    Great to find you through the link up! xoxo
    visit my blog

  3. Great Fashion Friday post honey!! Amazing photos and I'm so glad you could link up with me. I can't wait to see what you come up with for next week doll! Kori xoxo