Friday, June 11, 2010

Ok so crazy crazy times. I have been so sick so I haven't really been on the computer. I completely cleaned the apartment until it was basically spotless which makes me so happy! Also Jonathan and I got back on the bikes yesterday for the first time in about two weeks and I"ll admit it felt really good! I have to fill out his dive team application for him tonight and he is so excited about it I can't wait for him to get started I know he loves it so much! Also there is a really nice big boat coming in this weekend and I have to go get pictures for him its supposed to be a big P.R. thing and he will be teaching a safety course as well so I know he is really excited about that and I love him for it! He's almost completely qualified and I can't wait for that stage to be over with. Other than that things are still in a transition phase with everything here and still learning about people here and trying to plan fun things to do. We've found a great church just sometimes its hard to make time to make it with work and sickness but I hope it gets better soon! Well I guess I better go finish getting ready for the day!

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