Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Randoms

I had to post my favorite picture of him and this was taken by freak chance I was trying to pose him but the minute I took the picture he looked down trying to keep his jeans from getting wet and the colors just jumped out at me I love this picture so much and we gave it to his parents for their Christmas gift which they loved as well!

Ok I am sitting here trying to hold in my crazy excitement.

Jonathan will be home in the next few minutes and I have the camera waiting to watch him open his anniversary gift.

I've never been this nervous/excited before but I am now.

I know that he will love it that's not the case its just the waiting game of it.

Not to mention watching Australia vs. Serbia and now Australia is pulling ahead with 2 goals in 3 minutes.

What am I really wanting in the future...

Well materialistically a better camera so that I can better hone my skills and also a flip camera just to catch the little things on tape.

I have learned that finding a cute cozy house to rent in this small town is a bit hard...

We don't want just a summer rental cottage and that seems to be all that exist

Recently this overwhelming urge to write and work on my photography skills is ripping at the seams I just want to make it soooo great!

And sometimes I still cannot believe that me and J have been together for 3 years..

I know to some this is nothing but to me it is a great accomplishment because I had a ton of fears to overcome to get where we are and I have and I'm so proud of us sticking together through it all.


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  2. what kind of camera i just got a canon rebel as a "end of deployment" present from the husband and i LOVE it.

  3. I'm not exactly sure on the exact camera but I know I will stick with Canon because that is what I have now but they are both basically point and click digital cameras and I have several friends with better more professional style cameras that take amazing quality pictures and I love love love photography so I hope to improve on it. Thanks for following as well I'm new to this so still trying to figure it out and post things relevant that people would actually want to read! I'm hoping camera will be wedding gift once we can ever get around to it!