Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craziness Begins NOW!

Ok so its been a crazy week. I had a friend leave for the next year and thats just rough knowing I can not text whenever I want to. Next Jonathan and my 3 year anniversary is next week and all I want to do is surprise him but he is being so stubborn about it not wanting a surprise and trying to figure it all out I do not know what to do to keep it under wraps. Why is it that men are allowed to surprise us but we can't surprise them? I just do not understand this and wish I could figure it out. But on a positive note Victoria Secret is having there semi-annual sale so that took my mind away from him not wanting me to surprise him. I mean its only twice a year so I can break away from buying necessities and buy the cute things just to wear around lounging which made me happy because I got a super nice pair of capri sweats that are of course lime green with black writing that Jonathan just LOVES so that made him a little happy! A new swimsuit was also added so I'm in a pretty good state because I hit all the sales but now its off to get ready to go make a trip to finish his surprise so lets see if I can accomplish this!


  1. good luck with all the craziness!!

    i left you something on my blog :)

  2. Sorry I have been delayed in getting back to you I am still learning my way around. I feel like I may never figure it all out! Thank you so much for leaving me something now I have to get a move on and post as well. I love your blog and I will post very soon on mine! I can't wait to learn more on here and get caught up with how all of this works!