Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fill-In Friday tomorrow and Thursday 5 Today!

So today I'm starting something new it's exciting and I'm still learning so much about blogging and trying to get into the groove so bear with me please. mannland5 does this thing ever week called Thursday 5.

I know some of you are like what do we do well here it is...

Wanna play..all YOU have to do is post 5 things that have made you..


So here I go embarking on my first edition of Thursday 5 but remember if you join in you need to go link up so you get a chance to meet new people!

1. I leave Monday for my trip to D.C. and it's my first time ever going so I'm super excited about seeing our nations capitol and exploring plus ya'll can bet I will be taking a ton of pictures of course!

2. As silly as this sounds I have a formal to attend next weekend with my parents for our FRG and I get to get all dolled up I got a super cute new dress this week and am aiming towards old style Hollywood glam wish me luck and of course I'll post pictures for everyone!

3. Getting to spend precious time with my younger sister and teach her things its amazing to watch her grow and learn!

4. Beach weekend coming up!!! Who wouldn't be excited???

5. Amazing family and friends that support me with everything I do it's great to have so many people that love J and I.

Also tomorrow is MilSpouse Fill-In Friday hosted by Wife of a Sailor so make sure to go check out the questions today and post your answers tomorrow and link up because I'd love to meet other MilSpouses out there and I'm sure everyone else would as well!

Can't wait to read more answers and learn more about the blogland out there!

Enjoy Reading


  1. DC is fun! The botanical gardens are beautiful! And almost everything there is FREE! Have fun!

  2. I would love to get all dressed up for something formal. I wasn't into being girly in HS so I feel like I missed out on some of the experiences. These days I think I would appreciate getting dressed up a lot more.

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