Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quick Posts Thoughts and Prayers Apprectiated!

Ok so one thing after another this week.

First my dear friend old high school boyfriend (whom by the way I was such a good girl in school for the whole 4 on and off again years we dated we never did more than hug... thats right I never even kissed him... maybe thats how we have stayed such good friends...) anyways he was shot a few days ago overseas... I will not disclose locations... So he was scared to tell me yes I get it and all and I cried... silly maybe but he's alive but just prayers and thoughts requested because he broke his number 1 promise to me.... which was you ask... to come home without a scratch.... yes I knew it wasn't going to happen but geez... why get hurt so soon ya know... sorry for all the slang and dot dot dots but its been a long day and my mind is not working to be proper right now so if I offend you with my horrible grammar and bad blogging etiqutte well forgive me... other news please keep the families of the three lost Coast Guardsmen in your thoughts and prayers as well for those of you that don't know one of the Jayhawk helicopters crashed today only one survivor from the crash. This is sad news and my heart is breaking for their families. Also pray for our men and women overseas its just been a rough week so far and I hope and pray that it gets better! A more cheerful update planned for tomorrow because I've been horrible at doing great blogging so I'll have pictures and stories to tell I promise!


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