Monday, August 2, 2010


So with school starting soon, trying to fix the schedule, editing pictures, buying books, and trying to stay strong for the man. Lets just say its been a rough few weeks at work. I'm going crazy! I want more time with him and it seems that won't happen for a while with a friends wedding coming up and him soon leaving for class as well as me when will we settle down? I feel like I'm going stir house crazy so I've been staying away from here but this is the one place that I created for myself to come vent. Lucky for me I have amazing friends with great taste in purses yes my friend gave me two practically new Jessica Simpson purses and a GUESS wallet... retail therapy who needs that? And we had a beer promotion to work which was a ton of fun! Her family created this brew and it is amazing (take it from me I hate beer but I can't get enough of this stuff and no I do not mean that in an alcoholic way it just isn't gross and makes tabs cheaper than my normal at bars.) So we had a great weekend and finally what the crew has been working so hard on is over so maybe he can rest a little better and we can spend our last few days together at least until the end of the month comes along. Also I feel like I have become some frugalista ( I get that from my mama!) I have been signing up for free coupons and trying to find sales everywhere I go to make the dollar stretch and the one thing I'm having a hard time with you ask. Finding an amazing camera, I really want to improve and learn this skill so that I can document things throughout our life together and also it makes for some great wall art I believe at a much lower price in the long run! I guess I just need to hold my head up, be prepared for all the changes coming our way, and work to be a better blogger because thats really why I created this blog in the first place! To read how other people get through and connect with people and there are so many great people out in blogland! Well that is all for today and I am almost done with the completed edits of my D.C. trip have I got the suspense up yet?

Off to working,


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments for Mingle Monday and on my blog! New follower here! And home made beer??!? Wow....yum.

  2. My cute little genius BF makes his own brew too - it's soooo tasty! Saves us lots of bar money ;)

    Thanks for stopping by Mingle Monday!! I hope it brings you lots of new followers!