Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday! Amazingness!

So Top 2 Tuesday!

This week it is Top 2 Indulgences...

So So Super Tough...
Biting my nails begins NOW!!!Ok but getting down to business..

Shoes!!!! I love them, all of them. Heels, wedges, tennis shoes, running shoes, pumps, and yes those beloved UGGs, and no So
uthern girl could live without her cowboy boots! So my latest purchase you may ask... well this picture is worth a thousand words in my opinion plus I'll add my two future purchases!

So my friend and I found these darling shoes $60 off of what they sell for so of course we yelled amazing I got this pair and she got the pair that I am about to post that I want next!

Absolute love them! I needed the black multi first for a wedding coming up that this will be my little splash of style and I can't wait to wear them!!! And next for winter I need to add another pair of UGGS to the closet with these cute little babies!


Super Cute/Comfy Undies!

Now this may sound crazy but my dad always told my mom to buy herself good undies that made her feel good and lasted longer than others and told her to raise her daughters that way! Well mom and dad I thank you beca
use now Victoria's Secret loves to see me come in there store! No I don't go overboard but I don't run out for a while and I always shop whenever I have discount coupons so I stock up! But everything there makes me feel so sexy even if it's just a t-shirt bra and I love that feeling!

Don't get me wrong I could take out stock in their sweats and yoga pants too!

I loved doing this so much this week it got my mind off this crazy school week and crazy weekend ahead if just for a second. In December I'll have my Associates and ready to go elsewhere for my Bachelor degree and I can't wait! I'll try to get better at this I am now in the process of establishing a routine so it should be going smooth within the next week.

Can't wait to read more Top 2's this week!


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