Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Camera Buying Craziness

So as some of you know we have been looking at buying a bigger and better quality camera. Well we finally have incentive to buy one because a friend gave us this coupon for $200 off sounds like a plan right? Well it is until you get there and it only takes $50 off. You just like me are wondering why I assume. It seems that this whole camera deal is a package deal and will be until the 14th of the month. One problem, the coupon expires on the 12th. So you're thinking $50 off what price. Well working the package deal discount and the $50 off it comes to $150 off which if 50 shy of what we would like it to be. So the hard thing is deciding what to do if we want we can buy it Friday or Saturday at the $150 off price or wait until Sunday to see if they discount it more or to see if the $200 off might take affect. My one concern is that what if it is more expensive and in the coupon there is some little detail that I haven't seen (and I have read the small print over and over more than 50 times at least.) I love love love this camera, bag, tripod, and extra lens set! All we have to add is another SD card and a few filters and I'm set to be taking some amazing pictures I have no doubt after all the spread sheets I've made we are no doubt set and happy with our decision but how can I know I am getting the best deal? You have to understand I'm not one to spend a ton of money on anything and this is a very expensive purchase I love it and would love to have it but I want the best deal for this amazing gift for J and me. Any advice would be welcome now to go nap again since I had a horrible nights sleep because today begins the day that we start packing my best friend to move an hour and a half away from me... SAD DAY!!!

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Dreaming of snapshots,


  1. Hmm... When we bought our camera we searched around for the best price. We ended up getting it from somewhere a little more expensive but with a better reputation.
    I would look around and see how much the camera you want is selling for at other places.
    Even if you don't get it for the cheapest price ever, if you can get it for a better deal than almost anywhere else that's a good thing!
    Good luck! I can't wait to hear about what you end up with. :)

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  4. New follower from Welcome Wednesday! Can't wait to see all the great pictures you'll take with your new camera... Have you tried the website for Abes of Maine? I bought my last camera there and got a great deal!

    Lucy's Human

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