Monday, March 28, 2011

Jewelry Travel Cases!!

So I travel frequently and I'm tired of ziplock bags and tupperware cases to bring my jewelry around in so I'm on a mission to help anyone out there trying to find an easier way to travel! I will be listing several different options as well as different price points! I know we can't all afford some things at ridiculously high prices so I want to give all of my readers options!

1. The following I found labeled itself as earring organizer and travel case it looks a bit larger but possible a contender for those that carry lots of jewelry and wouldn't mind it taking up the space! The page has their pictures copyrighted but I'll give you the link: Mele Earring Organizer and Travel Jewelry Case and the price is $32.95.

2. Travel Jewelry Roll - Italian Leather This travel case looks so nice and is only priced at $49 but I can't say I wouldn't pay this much to protect my precious jewelry but sadly I don't think I could put my gorgeous watches in here so I'd have to find something else for them which is a downside but I really love this case as well as how compact it is compared to the other which is a plus in my book! I love carrying tons of shoes and clothes and makeup so that weighs a lot!


3. Of course I go back to a long lost love of mine to see what they offer... to me this looks more like something I'd give a bride to carry her precious jewels to her honeymoon destination! But yet I love it because it is elegant while being very protective and organized.. something I know I can for sure use in my life! Pottery Barn never puts anything out there that I haven't loved at least in the smallest bit so this Mckenna Travel Folio is no exception to this rule! At only $39 I don't think this is a bad deal for the money and it seems small and compact as well as a very organized method!

4. Ok so this is not normally my style whatsoever but I like the organization and the room... means my jewelry and precious watch that I found on super duper clearance at my love... A.K.A. TJMaxx!!!! And if I can find anything to keep that precious gem safe you bet I'll do it! Who says I can't paint it or find a way to make it my style! Pottery Barns selection of Audrey Jewelry Boxes gives me options along with functionality!

Ok Wednesday I'm coming in with my totally whimsical edition of this so be on the look out for total funky functionality!!! Can't wait to read your thoughts and opinions and things y'all would like to see or preferences!!!

As always,

Miss Lifeguard!

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  1. I am so buying the travel folio from PB! I love it! The audrey boxes are also cute! great post!!

  2. You are reading my mind! I have just been thinking to myself that I need a travel jewelry case for my stuff! I think I have to buy the Pottery Barn one! Thank you for this post!!