Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday... Miss Lifeguard Style!!! (It's All Makeup!!)

Ok so I'm in love with makeup and for years I wanted to do makeup but kinda had a suppressed creative side that I now regret not pursuing more. But hey I'm still young so it's a possibility so I want to share some items I'd love to add to my collection and of course possibly use in the future for some of my super glam friends! Leave me feedback on what you think and if in the future (once I get these dream items) you'd like to see a review?!?!? Ok so lets get started ladies (and gentleman are welcome as well!)!

As you all know I love me some Sigma Brushes so I want a beautiful Professional Brush Kit so that I can use in the future whether for myself or my friends I think it's a great edition... this may not help my not wanting to clean things the more brushes the less often I clean them?!?!?! Let hope not... So take a look at these beauties!!!

Next I'm so in love with finding a bronzer that doesn't make me look... well bad, oompa loompa, yuck, or like orange gerber daisies... but I have a hard time finding that since I am so fair skinned... that is until midway through summer after several applications of sunscreen rest assured!!! So I'm going crazy to try NARS Laguna Bronzer because everything that I read says it is simple AMAZEBALLS!!!
Check it out here since I can't get the picture up sadly :(

Ok here is where I run into a total issue of WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!

I'm in love with MAC products and have been for a while... mostly there eyeshadows should I say and I can't decide between the 4 palette or the 15 so I can add shadows as I go... advice please?!?!?! I'm loving the colors All That Glitters and Phloof(fyi that was used on Bella in Twilight movies... its meant to be!!!), I have several more that I'm really loving and waiting on their summer collection ( I think it will be 100% LOVE but maybe I shouldn't say that because I'm not loving the Spring Collection!) So does anyone have good words of wisdom for me?!?!?!

Next yes this will apply to beauty and randomness but I'm going to start filming for youtube! It is being jumpstarted byt a video for the Elle & Blair Contest and if you haven't seen these girls you should look them up under youtube names:
Elle: AllThatGlitters21
Blair: JuicyStar007

These girls are really good and Elle has the cutest White deaf kitten I've ever seen!!! So as soon as its up and running I will post a link so you can all check it out! But until then I'll leave you with some glitter love that has me in dreamland!!!

Ok Ok Ok... I had to add in the gorgeous shoes.... almost like my Steve Madden's except this is a solitary color of glitter... but still its love!!!

Floating on waves of dreams... and glitter!
Miss Lifeguard!


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  2. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy hope you continue to visit!

  3. We had SUCH a hard time narrowing Honeymoon places down, but once you start looking at hotels, restaurants, activities, etc. you will figure it out. Just think about what you guys really want the most out of a honeymoon :) I love the glitter shoes by the way :)