Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sigma Beauty!

Ok so I signed up to be an affiliate for Sigma Beauty I love their brushes and figured why not open up the chance for all of my followers to be able to get the same brushes that I do?!?!?! Anytime promotional codes are available I will make sure to let all of you know about them! I mean who doesn't want to save money I mean I know I love saving money! These brushes are such great quality though that I know you won't be disappointed at all! Keep looking for more beauty post from me this week as I show my favorite Spring looks for the Elle and Blair Contest for LV Speedy filled with their favorite products! Check it out for awesome prizes and their website with great beauty and fashion information! I hope you can all benefit from this and check out the Product of the week the Make Me Classy Professional Brush Kit! Great brushes for you entire face as well as amazing travel kit for those ladies always on the go like I am!

Until Next Post,

Miss Lifeguard!

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