Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Target Tuesday Plus Puppy!

So today is Tuesday and that means that it is Target Tuesday time!!! I always get excited on this day and today I have even more reason to be excited! If you follow me on twitter you know that Mister Guardian and I have added a new addition to our family (even though we aren't married I hope the man above approves of me saying family!) We adopted a precious little black lab (possible mix but not sure with what) puppy!  Someone left them at the animal shelter one night and there were six and we were fortunate enough to be able to adopt one precious baby! So I would like to introduce to you baby Bella!

She is certainly a bundle of love and teething puppy so sometimes her lovin hurts!  I just can't believe how in love with her I already am and I can't wait to document her as she grows up! Should I start a blog just for her?  Ok so now to Target Tuesday what everyone has been looking for! And I do think most of the things I find will be puppy items! Don't worry I will be back to normal soon!

Go link up with Tara over at Fabulous but Evil if you want to be involved and trust me you want to be involved!

First thing I'm loving is this puppy bed but I do think I might can DIY it a little less than the cost at Target but I'm so happy they brought me the inspiration!

And I may even add a drawer to the bottom so that I have storage for blankets or towels that will belong to Bella girl all on her own (ok maybe I"m already spoiling the precious baby!)

Oh my goodness I'm so in love with this but I do have a funny story about this for you! So we have Bella to metal feeding bowls and while she was at work with Mister Guardian yesterday playing with her new friend Maggie (one of his coworkers dog) she so badly wanted to just chew on Magpie's bowl! (nickname we give Maggie! I may also refer to her as Lawn Mower!) I just think this would be the cutest thing to feed my baby girl not to mention adorable to add to the house!

Next I hear these chew toys are simply amazing for a pup and you can throw them in the freezer and they stay cool for a while so it's possible that these may quickly find their way in to my home! I need them before Bella girl finds my shoes again or that bookmark I had, it was a list of videos to do for youtube since I know longer have it I'm opening the floor for suggestions of what all of you would like to see!

Obviously by the title of my blog you can tell I love playing in some water! (Ocean is the best choice but I can deal with a lake or even a very very clean snake free pond!) So of course we are going to want to take Bella girl with us! So I think this is just adorable, would it probably work well, I doubt it, but look adorable, I think yes!  

Ok but seriously that was just a toy! But isn't it just so cute? And what lifeguard would not want that for their puppy?

Ok so kinda getting back to normal Miss Lifeguard style! I have been eyeing one of these at Ulta so depending on where I get to first I am in need of one of these babies to help me with a new foundation I'm trying, the one I got down from $9 to just $3.69 at Walgreens! Yeah I'm that couponing ridiculously young girl that people get annoyed with but I'd rather save that money for other things wouldn't you?

This version is a little more pointed than the Ulta version  but like I said whichever I get to first will be the winner!

Ok for now that is all but keep checking back and link up every Tuesday or you'll be missing out on discovering some awesome super stylish blogs! 

Now back to working on this header! Of course when I thought I had it like I wanted it blogger went down (boo hiss!) So now Miss Indecisive (should be my blog title) over here decided to alter it but I am determined to be finished with it today! Plus I gotta finish getting settled here because I have no clue where the clothes I want to wear are so I've been living it up in sweats!

Alright y'all float on, 
Miss Lifeguard!


  1. Awwwww what a cute puppy!! And that puppy bed is so cute! My dog would destroy it though! :(

  2. Your pup is so cute! I second Tara, my pup would destroy that bed!