Thursday, December 16, 2010

Background Love!

Ok y'all I really want to make a header and background for my blog so it's a bit more interesting for my readers because well I'll admit it I don't even want to read it right now because it looks so boring!  So if anyone knows a good site or somewhere that I can visit a tutorial and learn how to make this blog a bit more interesting that would be greatly appreciated!

In other news I have started working on a list of a lot of things I hope to work on in the new year and of course what is listed above is one of those things! Once I finish that list I am sure to post it but I want to have it fully complete and not continuously adding things because I want this blog to keep me in check!

Ahhh and the days are slowly counting down to Monday because I may get to see my love if not then I WILL see him Tuesday! I can't wait to spend the holidays with him because it just makes everything that much more cheerful!

Off to sleep land until tomorrow!
Miss Lifeguard

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