Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Cookies and Bedroom Wish List!

Ok so I promised pictures for y'all from my sister and I's cookie making extravaganza!!! Well here are those that I promised! Tuesday I must do my Corn Flake Candy or either tomorrow night and yes more cookies!

Needless to say it was a very fun night but a very large mess to clean up!!!

Next I think I mentioned that Mister Guardian and I scored big and a friend of us gave us a King Sized bed because they had to get rid of it.  I'm thrilled plus it has basically never been used so SCORE! Only one little issue with it, which of course the mister sees no problem but then again he doesn't care much about how the room looks he just sleeps there! It is green! Keep in mind is was in a cabin so it has a very woods feel and is like Pine Tree Green! For a cabin in the mountains in the woods FINE for my coastal beachy oasis not so fine. So this is sorta what it looks like here...

Except remember it is pine tree green!!! I want something a little more like this...

Except with different bedding! But I think come summer or Spring I'll break that bed out and strip the current paint and paint it this beautiful color white and maybe distress it a bit!

While I was looking for the beautiful bed that I want mine to look like I found this bathroom... As long as it had my beautiful tub (I have a problem I want jacuzzi mixed with claw foot mixed with rain shower head) but it it had all the qualifications with a fireplace I might could be in love. I hate cold bathrooms!

Ok so that is all for now and I will go back to dreamland about how I want my house to look!
Do you ladies (and gentlemen if any of you are reading!) What would y'all like to see out of my blog in the new year? I'm open for suggestions!

Off to Dreamland again!
Miss Lifeguard!


  1. Those cookies look delish...anything with Christmas sugar is amazing!

  2. YUMMY!!!!

    and can I pleeeease have that rose petals included??????


  3. cute post!!!
    love your style!!=D

  4. This is a test to see if you have word verification... Haha.