Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sweetest Sister Ever!

I promise I will get around to posting pictures soon but lets just say they are nothing like the pictures I posted that I wanted them to resemble but it was fun! Tonight we were going to make more but I had a horrible sick headache and I was babysitting my younger sister again! Keep in mind there is a 14 year difference between us and I'm about to be 22... So she realized I was sick and covered me up gave me a pillow and my favorite Build-A-Bear that I made with Mister Guardian and decided she knew just what I needed to feel better. You are probably thinking Chicken Noodle Soup but of course a child of that age can't make it so how does that happen, nope she made me a PB&J! The sweetest thing EVER! On top of that my family has this strange habit at our house, we each have our own color cup. My dad hates not having one go to cup so each of us has a special one and we wash our cup each night because my mom hates having tons of dirty cups around! Well my sister couldn't reach mine but didn't tell me that so she went into the dishwasher and found a tall blue snowman coffee cup to put me some sweet tea in, I guess you can figure my cup color is blue! She cheered me up so unbelievably well so we sat and watched iCarly and Suite Life on Deck the rest of the night! I thought this was just too cute not to share!

Getting excited for Monday/Tuesday/All week!!!
Miss Lifeguard!

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