Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,....

I can see my degree its just a few days away yet I still will not be able to touch it until May!!!

Whereas I know that it is only an Associates it means that I am one step closer to getting my bachelors! If you know me well you know that me staying through classes is an amazing feat to be bragging about. It is sad to say but I want classes that challenge me with like minded students but yet I always end up in the class where we don't learn all the material that we should and on day long reviews I go out of my mind crazy because I'm ready to take the test and move on!!! So soon it will be smack dab in holiday season with degree number one and tons of time to blog and girls let me tell you I have lots and lots to blog about.  Plus I have a sudden wedding to go to next weekend and need some style advice! Now ladies how many of you have dropped hints for months about that gorgeous pair of shoes that you wanted? I have done that tons of times before well this pair I was talking about was gladiator pumps and guess when my man decides to get them. Yes two days ago so that I can wear them to that wedding next weekend in the mountains in the cold but I can't complain because I am absolutely in LOVE with them! Yes I love Jessica Simpson Collection shoes and that is exactly what these pretty little babies are! So let me guess ya'll want to see a picture now? Ok well here it is...

Well crud muffins I tried but the picture won't pop up... so here is the link :

Can you tell that my lovely fiancee isn't thrilled about the wedding we must attend??? But more on that in another post! So I pose yet another question for my readers... that is if I still have any out there... what would ya'll like to see out of my blog ask me anything and I will post fashion, make up, random BS, anything and it is yours!!!

So until tomorrow when I will post more about this exciting wedding...NOT! Enjoy and leave me tons of suggestions ladies!

Miss Lifeguard!

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