Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stupid People At Gas Stations...

Ok so today seemed to be the normal day today and with all this luck I've been having my dad and I decided it was time to go cash in some random scratch offs he had picked up and we'd won on... So I unfortunately 5'3" 100 pound self has to go in to redeem them while there is a major creep star standing in the door. I figure just walk in the other door and he would leave me alone. Not the case major creep star turns like he's about to grab me... Oh hell NO!!! I'm not a fighter so I brushed it off but I stiffened up too I'm not ok with people coming after me I'm not ok with things like that you are a big man pick on someone your own size right? Well I had to go back to ask my dad something and creep star just stares me down then starts approaching the car. I was able to leave and go back inside when creep star proceeds to ask my father for money? Really you trying to slum it in a nice pair of Italian Leather Shoes I think NOT! Well I notice that as I am inside finishing up the transaction creep star decides to stand right behind my dads car, is he an idiot I mean my dad has horrible depth perception so this really wasn't smart of him on top of annoying my dad already when he approached me and begged for money. As I finally began to leave not knowing my father wasn't prepared for what possibly could break out he had also locked me out of the car and the guy had moved to the back end of my side of the car well lets just say firecracker here was ready for anything that might happen and as I was trying to get my dad to open the door creep star yet again began to approach me. NOT ok dude, I wasn't sending out good vibes but he never once backed down. Well since my mother works for the popo my dad had already called and asked an officer to come over because if creep star will do this to me he would do it to some unsuspecting college kid in my town and yes I'm from a small town but we have a small college there too.  By the time the popo had finally got there (the same cop that has a damn crush on me how annoying!) the guy had left, I'm guessing he figured that since we were still sitting in the parking lot that we were waiting on the cops. Plus we find out that the guy is a repeat offender and isn't even supposed to be on the property WTF but they think he has Alzheimer disease at the age of 40 but he refuses to go get checked for it. I'm sorry but girls like me that have had guys try to take advantage of me or hurt me in the past don't take this simple gesture as something to not worry about it puts me on high alert and little bit here doesn't like feeling like I'm in danger! So all in all now at the end of the day I look back and laugh but let me tell you I was hot and shaking I was so mad. So I hope that my accident can bring some laughter to all of y'all!

Next I finally made a Christmas wish list last night and was wondering what everyone had on theirs? I'll share mine with y"all now:
1. I'm dreaming for this but I know I probably won't get it = iPad

2. Kindle = ♥

3. Kardashian Konfidential and Sugar & Spice plus way more but these are my guilty pleasures!

4. Sephora Gift Card so I can do some damage!
Mainly I want the following with that gift card!!!

5. The Victoria's Secret UGA Pajama Sleeper Set = LOVE!!!

6. Dear John, Eclipse, Eat Pray Love, Letters to Juliet DVD's

7. A Jessica Simpson Luggage Set for all the traveling that I do!
I'm Kind of obsessed with this one because of all the cute anchors!

8. Fossil Watch!!!! = GORGEOUS!!!
Either one of these will be perfectly amazing on my wrist!

9. Things for Jonathan and I and our house! Which was partially answered because we got a free King Sized bed from a friend with bedding that is simply gorgeous all I need to do is strip the paint and repaint it!

Love y'all! Let me know what y'all would like to see more of! Plus juicy details of my weekend coming up soon!

Miss Lifeguard!


  1. so creepy! glad nothing bad happened!

    ps- you really need a kindle! i love mine!

  2. Thanks for stopping by today :) I LOVE the kardashian sisters... im obsessed with their show

    Happy Holidays

  3. #3 made me smile because they are totally my guilty pleasure as well hehe.